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Radio Tower BroadcastingIn addition to producing the Plane Crazy Down Under aviation show, I also appear from time to time on other shows. Being an aviation nut (& a bit of a tech geek & gamer), I also listen to a number of other podcasts, especially when I’m driving or doing chores.

If you want to see all the articles I’ve produced about podcasts, podcasting and so on, you can check out my podcast related articles.

Otherwise, the purpose of this page is to give you a list of all the podcasts I listen to:

Show Title Summary
Uncontrolled Airspace

One of the original General Aviation podcasts and one of the first ones I ever listened to. Jack, Jeb & Dave have been putting out episodes for over 11 years and it’s still great content that I look forward to every episode.

Click here for my review of the show

Airline Pilot Guy

Jeff Nielsen has been producing his weekly show for over six years with each episode packed full of great audio content and banter.

Click here for my review of the show

Airplane Geeks

Our show started from humble beginnings producing content for the Airplane Geeks. We still produce the Australia Desk segment for them but despite that, it’s a great show :)

Click here for my review of the show

Aviation Xtended

Another show that grew out of content being produced for the Airplane Geeks podcast, Aviation Xtended grew out of Pieter Johnson’s Across the Pond segment and provides great international aviation & aerospace content from a UK perspective :)

Click here for my review of the show

Go Flying Australia

Adam Knight produces this show that covers sport & recreational aviation within Australia. It’s a good show and well worth listening to.

Click here for my review of Adam’s show and the episode I recorded with him

Hangar 49

Covering aviation near the 49th Parallel (the demarcation between Canada & the USA), the guys from Hangar 49 put on a great show that includes news, experiences, books, music & movies, all related to aviation

Click here for my review of the show

Plane Crazy Down Under

It’s my show and yes, I do listen to it ‘cos there’s nothing quite as scary as listening to yourself :)

Click here for my review of the show

Space Rocket History

An informative, extensively researched and well presented show covering mankind’s voyages into space, each episode covering a specific topic or mission. Highly recommended!

Click here for my review of the show

Of course, there are heaps more podcasts I listen to including UCAP, Airspeed, UAV Digest, The Pilot’s Journey and many many more. I’ll get around to listing them here eventually :)

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