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A Happy Birthday….or not…

When we used to have a blog at the Plane Crazy Down Under show’s website, my co-host Steve Visscher posted this article about our friends at the Airplane Geeks Podcast. I’ve posted it here to preserve his words so they … Continue reading

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Reducing the load helps smooth out the system

I’ve been posting some comments on a couple of stories from Dan Webb’s ‘Things in the Sky’ blog. He’s noted that the transport statistics for August 2008 show the on-time arrivals improved and mishandled baggage rates reduced and that he’s … Continue reading

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What’s it like to be the Flight Dispatcher?

Thanks to a mention on Aviatrix’s blog I’ve found the blog of a flight dispatcher, the person on the ground who helps coordinate all the action on the ground. We’ve all seen the stories from the pilots and the cabin … Continue reading

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Chapter 11, the airlines and incompetance

Is it just me or do other people out there think that all the Chapter 11 section of the bankruptcy law in the USA is doing is to preserve outdated, inept and clueless airline management? It amazes me how airlines … Continue reading

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