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While my friend Steve Visscher & I produce the Plane Crazy Down Under show, we owe our start to our friends at the Airplane Geeks Podcast in the USA. Our show started because Steve & I were sending in news info via email to the Geeks and Courtney Miller (co-founder of the Geeks with Max Flight) told Steve to start recording it so the names could be pronounced correctly. Thus was the Australia Desk segment born :)

With Steve sending audio & me still sending in emails, we were bound to eventually team up to contribute audio together for the Australia Desk. From that we developed our very own PCDU.

So there ya go: It’s all their fault :) :)

These days the Airplane Geeks are Max Flight, Rob Mark & David Vanderhoof. Courtney had to move on when a new job consumed all of his time but Dan Webb stepped in for a few years until he too had to move on due to his new work.

If you’re looking for a great show that covers Airline, Military, GA, history and aircraft in general, you can’t go past this show. Highly recommended :)

Show: The Airplane Geeks Airplane Geeks
Style: Weekly News, Guest & Discussion
Online at: Airplane Geeks Website (
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AirplaneGeeks at Twitter
First Episode: June 2008

The Airplane Geeks podcast has news discussions, guests, segments from other providers and listener feedback, all around the topics of airlines, GA, military and history. Contributors provide input from Australia and the UK (& Europe) while co-host David provides an aviation history segment or the “Airplane of the Week” segment which gives a synopsis of the history of a given aircraft.

In addition to spinning off a number of other great aviation shows (such as Plane Crazy Down Under :) ), the Geeks have set the standard for regular, high quality aviation content for their large audience.

You can also find the Airplane Geeks attending aviation events around the USA including their annual appearance at the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy centre for “Be a Pilot Day” on Fathers’ Day. They’ve been spotted at AOPA gatherings, Oshkosh and many more events to so you never know when you might encounter one of the team out “in the wild” :)

Grant’s Thoughts:

I really enjoy this show and it’s one of the few that immediately go to the top of my playlist on my podcast device. From interesting guests to insightful commentary (and no small amount of banter), every episode is worth listening to and enjoyable. I’ve learned things, debated things and even appeared on the show a couple of times live (not just in the Australia Desk). If this show is not in your regular list of aviation shows, you’re really missing out!

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