Podcasts I Enjoy (Starting with Plane Crazy Down Under)

Radio Tower BroadcastingAs most of you will know, my friend Steve Visscher & I are the producers & hosts of the Plane Crazy Down Under aviation show. We’ve been putting out episodes on a mostly regular basis since July in 2009.

Given I produce a podcast & love aviation, it’s only natural that I’d also follow a few other aviation podcasts. Mostly they’re audio ones as I listen while driving or doing chores. Sadly, I don’t usually get much time to watch many video podcasts.

I’m often asked by friends which aviation podcasts I listen to so they can add to their collection of aviation shows. To save repeating myself, I figure I’ll post some articles in this category for each of the shows in my podcatcher’s list.

Naturally, I’m starting with my own show :)

Show: Plane Crazy Down Under (aka PCDU) PCDU Logo
Style: “Audio Magazine” (variety of content)
Online at: PCDU Website (http://planecrazydownunder.com)
Facebook page
PCDU at Twitter
First Episode: July 2009

Plane Crazy Down Under looks at the world of aviation from an Australia/Pacific perspective with content primarily covering aviation topics from Australia and New Zealand. Episodes are released every 4-6 weeks and typically run for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Steve & Grant are often joined by co-hosts who produce additional content on a semi-regular basis, giving a wider background of coverage & helping gather plenty of content. Guests have included aerobatic display pilots, air traffic controllers, business owners, adventurers, politicians & military staff.

PCDU is also appearing on community FM radio in Melbourne and is working to syndicate its content to more stations in the near future.

Grant’s Thoughts:

Hmmm, this is tricky as I’m reviewing my own show :)

Steve & I have grown PCDU from its basic beginnings and it’s very much a labour of love. We enjoy producing it and it’s opened a number of doors for us, providing even more access to the aviation world we love so much. Feedback so far indicates most people enjoy it as much as we do so expect to have lots more episodes coming out in the future :)

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