Flying Shirts – AOPA Members are Plane Crazy

Clothing that references Plane Crazy and AOPA? Score! :)

Clothing that references Plane Crazy and AOPA? Score! :)

The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) in the USA recently released a tshirt proclaiming that AOPA members are plane crazy. Our friend Benet Wilson from AOPA (aka Aunt Benet on the Airplane Geeks podcast) thought that given Steve & I run the Plane Crazy Down Under aviaton show, we should be wearing these shirts & sent us a couple.

I’d been wearing mine for a while but hadn’t had a chance to get a photo for Benet of me wearing it. Fortunately I was wearing it while flying a hot air balloon near Benalla and a friend was on board to get the photo. Neat!

Suffice to say, the photo has been shared on the AOPA Facebook page and Plane Crazy Down Under’s. It’s also appeared in the Australian Pilot magazine from the Australian AOPA :)

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