Help Produce a Documentary on Aeroneurophycosis

Steven Pam enjoying his time on board Boeing's 787 test aircraft ZA003

Steven Pam enjoying his time on board Boeing’s 787 test aircraft ZA003

Some time ago I posted about the word “Aeroneurophycosis” and how it could be use to explain the love of aircraft & aviation that I (& many others) have.

Steven Pam is a friend of mine and also the videographer for the Plane Crazy Down Under aviation show so naturally he’s planning to produce a documentary about why people get so attracted to aircraft & aviation. He’s calling it “Airheads” and he’s trying to crowd-source the funding required to make it happen.

As Steven has noted, the best place to find a large number of so called aviation-tragics in one place would be at AirVenture Oshkosh in the USA. Having been there back in 2011, I can assure you that he is 100% correct.

Time is running out on the crowd-sourcing site for this project and it needs your support. Please head over to the Airheads Kickstarter Page and donate a few bucks to help make this documentary happen. If you’re an aviation geek (or you know one), please chip in so that next time someone wonders why av-geeks are the way they are, we can point them at this documentary and all will be explained :)

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