Chicken Wings Comics – They Light Up My Day :)

Those of you who know me in the real, meat-space world (as opposed to just online) will be aware of the funky t-shirts I like to collect. You may have seen me wearing a number of aviation related ones, the best of which usually have something to do with chickens????

These shirts, a number of books and a lot of my laughs all come from Michael & Stefan Strasser who produce the Chicken Wings comic online. In addition to producing some amazing content, they’ve also come up with a great way to help boost their ratings in the search engines by getting lots of people to link back to them in a cool & non-spam-scam kind of way. Everyone who links back to them goes in the draw for some cool merch or a nifty collectable silver coin thanks to their Link Contest.

Honestly, I’ve been meaning to write a post about these guys for ages but now seems like a pretty good time to do it, no? :)

Definitely worth reading, especially if you’re into aviation.

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