Grant’s “Oshkosh Experience” Checklist

I’m over here at Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the EAA Airventure 2011 event (aka Oshkosh aka “Aviation Mecca” :) and am trying to soak it all in, which I acknowledge is an impossible thing. Given the amount of experiences I’d already had within less than 24 hours of arriving, I figured I’d start this list to cover what I want to experience & what I already have experienced. This is just a fast core-dump in the morning and certainly doesn’t represent all I want to do yet so feel free to add comments with recommendations of items you think should be on the list :)

Experience Oshkosh Checklist:

  • ✔ Trying to arrange your schedule (before I arrived :))
  • ✔ Meeting amazing new people with a common love of flying (At Rockford before I arrived :))
  • ✔ Flying into Oshkosh (0 hours)
  • ✔ Mass arrival to Oshkosh (0 hours)
  • ✔ Heat beyond belief (<4 hours)
  • ✔ Life sucking humidity (<4 hours)
  • ✔ Salivating over an aircraft (<4 hours)
  • ✔ Seeing an aircraft you’d dreamed of seeing (<4 hours)
  • ✔ Doing a shopping run to Target ‘cos you forgot yet another thing (6 hours)
  • ✔ Eaten alive by insects despite insect repellent (8 hours)
  • ✔ Camping on the North 40 (8 hours)
  • ✔ Late night thunderstorm with heavy rain & lashing winds (14 hours)
  • ✔ Early morning warbird wake up call (18 hours)
  • ✔ The hunt for good wifi (19 hours)
  • ✔ Angsting over two important events that happen at the same time (21 hours)
  • ✔ Chatting with complete strangers yet having a blast & feeling connected (22 hours)
  • Wishing you had a TARDIS (or a cloning machine)
  • Meeting in person all your online podcasting & social media friends (thanks to Rob Cigliano :)
  • Camping in Camp Scholler
  • 3G coverage dropouts
  • Realising you just can’t do it all! :(
  • Making new firm friends from people you never knew existed before Oshkosh
  • Seeing more aircraft than you knew existed
  • Touching an aircraft you’d only dreamed of seeing
  • Seeing an aircraft you’d never known existed
  • Overloading on aircraft such that you only react to really unique ones
  • Flying out of Oshkosh
  • Flying the FISK arrival
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  1. Great list! I’m already excited for KOSH 2012. :)

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