Getting on the Dreamliner

Crowds getting a view of the 787

787 ZA001 at Oshkosh 2011 (photo by FlightAware)

I’ve just been invited by Qantas & Jetstar to come and view the 787 Dreamliner when it’s in Melbourne on Sunday. Neat!

This won’t be my first encounter with Boeing’s latest airliner as I got up close & personal with ZA001 when it was parked on the ramp at Oshkosh 2011. Due to my super-busy schedule at #OHS11, I didn’t have time to join the others who were waiting to walk through ZA001’s test-rig packed engineering interior but I did get to touch it and walk around/under it.

The event at Melbourne includes a close-up viewing & a walk-through of ZA003 (N787BX, using the call sign BOE 787) with its passenger interior which is, I’m told, pretty impressive. While I’m interested in seeing how the cabin is laid out, I’m really hoping for some time on the cockpit and to chat with the pilots.

Naturally, I’ll be taking my voice recorder :)

Watch this space!

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