Nice Hangar! :)

Our Yarra Valley operation has started making use of some space in a hangar at Lilydale (YLIL) to store our equipment and a few of us dropped by yesterday to check it out before the separating walls go up. This was the view I had when I came in:

Nice Collection

A nice collection of aircraft

In addition to the Archer & L5 (named “Grumpy”) in the foreground and the two Tigermoths behind them, you can just make out the Mooney behind the Tigers and then there’s a CT4 (the bit of orange). Further on there’s a Baron, what looked like an Extra, a Bonanza and a couple of other aircraft. Out of respect for the owners/renters of the other spaces, I didn’t go walking through for a better perve at all the luscious, sexy aircraft :)

It was great to see “Grumpy” once again as last time I’d seen that aircraft was back in 2009 when I stopped to get a photos of it doing circuits. I was on the side of the road at the southern end of the airfield & took a few photos that morning, including this classic shot of “Grumpy” on very short finals going a little low over the road :)

Stinson L5 VH-CDF (aka "Grumpy") coming in low

You can find out a bit more about what I was doing there that morning in my post about fog, balloons and the airport.

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