Hanging out in Hangar 49

It's a long way from Spokane to Melbourne

It’s a long way from Spokane to Melbourne

Last Friday I had the privilege of recording with the crew from the Hangar 49 podcast from northern America. Based in Spokane, Washington (USA) and Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada) we had timezones, temperatures and accents to contend with but, being the true professionals that were are (*coff* :) ), we managed to record some good content AND have a LOT of fun :)

I really enjoyed recording with Al, Jim & Tony and look forward to doing it again some time in the near future. Even better would be to catch up in person at the Arlington Fly-In but, sadly, I suspect I’ll need to win the Lotto to afford that trip :(

You can hear the Hangar 49 episode I got to be part of by clicking here :)

Show: Hangar 49 Hangar 49 Logo
Style: News review, discussion, interviews, book, movie, website, song & sound
Online at: Hangar 49 Website (http://www.hangar49.org/)
Facebook group
First Episode: February 2010

Hangar 49 is a laid back, fun hangar flying podcast where the hosts Al, Jim & Tony chat about aviation news items and their recent flying adventures. Each episode features an aviation movie, book, song, website & a sound. Some episodes have a guest or interview but most commonly its the guys having fun talking about aviation.

Grant’s Thoughts:

I’ve been enjoying Hangar 49 since I first found the show a few years ago. The trio work well together and the show flows well, even when it gets interrupted or sidetracked :)

It’s fun, it’s laid back and you’re going to learn something every episode (even if it’s something obscure, like the “dollars per kilo ratio” for a flying book that Tony’s found for us to read :) ). It’s not uncommon to find yourself getting a new song to try or adding another movie to your “watch” list. Meanwhile, it’s all aviation themed so you know it’s going to be good, right? :)

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2 Responses to Hanging out in Hangar 49

  1. Al says:

    Hangar 49 is a great show! The three hosts are incredibly fabulous and their diverse aviation content makes it a true treat for any listener. They even allow guests on their show, including people from other countries outside north America.

    “What? Huh? Am I employed by the show to post rave reviews for compensation? Um……..define compensation. Hey…they made me do it. I’m just an innocent bystander. Those three guys promised me a ride in their Gulfstream.!”

  2. Falcon124 says:

    Oh no, no bias here, Al!

    Hang on … hmmm … Al … hmmmm … Hey, aren’t you one of the 3 with the Gulfstream??? Wait a minute!!!


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