BA Cabin Crew Learned from Alitalia???

Let’s see now, British Airways have been struggling for a while with reports of poor service, losing high-end premium customers, cutting back on routes and recently announcing a second record financial loss in a row. Throw in the impact from that volcano in Iceland and they are showing every sign of a major legacy carrier that’s about to go under.

So, in a move copied straight from Alitalia’s union play book, the cabin crew at British Airways are going on strike. Are these people crazy or what? Whether they have a valid set of grievances is not really the point right now because win or lose, they’re going to help kill British Airways. The last thing they should be doing is going on strike as all it’s doing is driving even more passengers away from the airline, further rupturing BA’s cash flow and increasing the odds that the airline will collapse.

I thought it was just Alitalia that did stupid stunts like this. Maybe the British have been importing more than soccer players from Italy?

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