Mothcair at Murwillumbah Airstrip

Murray (Kitt’s grandfather) invited us out to Murwillumbah airstrip (YMUR) to visit the folks at Mothcair, an organisation specialising in the restoration of early British aircraft (plus a few early US designs). It was great to visit and chat with everyone there – they’ve done a number of projects and really do enjoy their work. I managed to get a few photos while there, including some of an old Beach 18 that was parked out front.

NOTE: 2008-10-23: During our time at Mothcair, I was talking to one of the guys about flying and aircraft and so on. He said that based on the passion I was showing, if I didn’t get myself into aviation and go flying, I’d go mad. He said it was clear I was hooked and what the hell was I doing not getting my butt off the ground? It was a significant moment for me, perhaps more in hindsite than at the time, as not long after this I wound up working as crew (and then crew chief) with the hot air balloons back in Melbourne.

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