Avalon Airshow 2007 – Day 4

Today started out chilly and with beautiful whispy fog clouds around 200′ – just below the tops of the hangars in the QANTAS maintenance part of the airport. We got to enjoy it for a little while then it was back to yet another day of marshalling lighties as the Regatta went out for a tour of the bay and then back in before the airshow started. One guy in a Texan had some radio problems, coming out, trying it, going back, etc. He eventually scrapped the flight and went off to have a chat with the reps of the company he was renting it from.

During all this, a number of RAAF Hornets came in along with the Roulettes. In between them (and the lighties) was another Atlas Air freighter who had to go-around before landing. Apparently Melbourne ATC had kept him at altitude for too long so he was too high to make a good landing. On his second approach the height was right and he landed. One of our marshalls was going to try to “bat him” as he came onto the taxiway – not a good idea, especially not when you’re standing about under where his outboard engine would be going – oops. I managed to get his attention and got him well out of the way.

HARS came in with their Catalina, DC-3, Constellation and Neptune. There was a bit of a pause while Connie sat on Bravo waiting for clearance to go behind the A321 – it was a tight fit, but they made it.

Once the show started, we got to relax again and I left early as I wanted to be back in town for Nykolai’s school “parent sports event.”

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