Corporate Air: A potential new guest for PCDU

Over at the Plane Crazy Down Under show, we often receive requests to feature a company in an editorial article on our site. I have a usual boiler plate response I send out advising that we’re primarily an audio & occasional video show so a written piece just won’t cut it. I also note that their client will need to be aviation related so we have a reason to bring them on our show for an interview.


A few weeks ago one of these emails really stuck out from the rest. It mentioned up front that the client was Corporate Air, an aviation organisation here in Australia. I did a spot of investigating & found that Corporate Air were established back in 1972 with a fleet of aircraft including Beach Barons, Cessna Titans & Conquests, Metros & SAAB 340s. They also have a great reputation with their customers and provide a number of regular operations as well as FIFO charters, regular charters & on-demand flights, including last minute flights with their 24 hour, 365 day on-call service.

bars_logoCorporate Air also have a number of ISO certifications and are quality endorsed to the Basic Aviation Risk Standard from Flight Safety International. This important standard was developed by FSI based on extensive work performed by their Australian branch to improve the safety & reliability of aviation services provided to the mining industry.

Perhaps more telling, at least from my perspective, is that they appear to have a good reputation with pilots & others in the GA scene which is rather rare as there’s usually someone out there who’s willing to write a bitchy comment in a forum or two. Indications are that they’re a good company to work for who look after their equipment and their people. Given their operations are run at RPT levels due to their recurring charter flights, it’s no surprise that staff are well trained & equipment is well maintained.

While a blog post wasn’t going to work for PCDU, Corporate Air certainly seemed like a professional and well run organisation we’d like to get on the show. There are a number of items we’d like to cover with them including a history of Corporate Air, the services they offer, the state of FIFO flights to mining operations (especially as the mining boom seems to be settling down) and their recruitment process & requirements.

Who knows, they could even wind up advertising with us or sponsoring us as our audience certainly includes their potential staff and, in some cases, potential clients. Regardless of this, I think they’ll make for an interesting group to interview for our audience.

With that in mind, we’ve asked their marketing contact to find out if they’d be interested in appearing on the show at the least. Here’s hoping :)

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