And so it begins (sorta)

This post marks the start of my aviation related blogging. I actually started this blog in 2008 but had a number of aviation related posts on my other blog. While they’re all still there, I’ve also put copies of them here so all my flying related information is in one spot.

So, eventually as you work through all these posts you’ll get to 2008 and find my original first post. Don’t get confused, it’s where I really started this blog as opposed to these entries that are “post-dated.”

Of course, I’ve been having flying related adventures for decades earlier than this point, let alone when I actually started the blog, but if I get around to blogging about them, it’ll be as a “reminiscence” and not back-dated like these early entries are.

Confused? Just wait ’til we get time travel sorted out and you’ll *really* get confused.

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