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UPDATE – 2023-01: Sadly, Dave Higdon passed away in 2022, leaving a hole in the aviation experience for many of us around the world. Jack & Jeb are continuing to produce episodes, often with guests to maintain the balance “3 or more voices” aspect of the show. Its still a great show and, if you’re into aviation, it has to be on your podcatcher.

I’m still enjoying the show and I’m looking forward to meeting up with Jack & Jeb when next I get over to Oshkosh or some other aviation event they’re at.

Original Post: If you’re listening to aviation podcasts then you *have* to listen to Jack, Jeb & Dave from the Uncontrolled Airspace show (aka UCAP). With well over 400 episodes produced over more than eleven years, these guys are the power-house of the General Aviation podcast world and have deservedly won awards for their efforts.

UCAP was one of the first podcasts I was listening to way back in 2007 along with Come Fly With Me, Airspeed, The Airplane Geeks and the PilotCast. While some of these have stopped producing, UCAP is still going strong and is still and fun & interesting, a testament to the aviation knowledge of the hosts and the dynamic that exists between them.

I was fortunate to have dinner with Jack, Jeb & Dave back when the Plane Crazy Down Under team were at Oshkosh in 2011. It was a fun night with lots of aviation and podcasting discussions where the guys were asking us how we’d gone about attracting sponsorship and advertisers. We were blown away that the UCAP team were asking *us* questions about podcasting given how long they’d been producing episodes :)

Despite them asking us about tips on podcasting, UCAP is an excellent show and well worth subscribing to :)

Show: Uncontrolled Airspace (aka UCAP)
Style: News & conversation about the world of General Aviation flying presented in a “hangar flying” format
Online at: UCAP Website (http://uncontrolledairspace.com/)
Jack Hodgson on Twitter
Jeb Burnside on Twitter
Dave Higdon on Twitter
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