Presenting Two Papers at MilCIS 2017

Thanks to my article on extracting information from C2 systems that was published in Australian Defence Magazine earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to present a paper at MilCIS 2017. MilCIS is the Military Computer Information Systems conference that has been running for multiple years in Canberra.

My paper was assigned a 1/2 hour slot towards the start of the session on day one and I managed to get through it reasonably well but in a rushed manner. One of these days I’ll get around to slowing my pacing a bit :)

You can find my presentation for this paper with the MilCIS 2017 program on the MilCIS website. Just search for McHerron or, better yet, click on this link to go directly to it:

Ocean Software – Grant McHerron – Making the Most of a Consolidated C2 Framework

As if presenting one paper wasn’t enough, I was also asked by the company I work for to present a second paper on a topic that I was assigned to me by our CEO. Fortunately I was able to put something together for the assigned topic but the big challenge was that I had one hour to present it and run a Q&A afterwards. At least for this one I managed to slow down my pacing somewhat and didn’t race through my slides too quickly :)

You can find my second paper’s presentation by clicking on the link below:

Ocean Software – Grant McHerron – Extracting a Real-Time Force Readiness Picture from Big Data

MilCIS will be occurring once again in November 2018 (Nov 13th to 15th) but I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be presenting anything this year. Time will tell so watch this space :)

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