Crossing the Pond for Aviation Xtended

Many years ago, Pieter Johnson started to produce a segment for the Airplane Geeks podcast called “Across the Pond” which provided news & views on UK & European aviation for the Geeks. In a similar manner to Steve Visscher & I leveraging our Australia Desk segment into the creation of Southern Skies Online Media and the Plane Crazy Down Under show, Pieter created the aviation media entity XTP Media which, in turn, lead to the creation of the Aviation Xtended podcast.

Which is a rather long way of saying that the Airplane Geeks has become the parent of Plane Crazy Down Under and Aviation Xtended. Scary thought, no?

With that in mind, I present to you my review of the Aviation Xtended podcast from the UK. Despite the fact that I was recently a guest on their show, I’ll give you an honest appraisal (in short, it’s yet another great show & well worth adding to your collection if it’s not there already :) ).

Show: Aviation Xtended Xtended Logo
Style: “Audio Magazine” (variety of content), typically released monthly
Online at: Aviation Xtended Website (
Facebook page
Aviation Xtended at Twitter
First Episode: May 2012
Overview: Aviation Xtended brings together Pieter Johnson (XTP Media), Gareth Stringer (editor of Global Aviation Resource) and Tim Robinson (editor of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Aerospace journal) to present a variety of content on aviation and aerospace topics. From interviews with guests to reviews of products, informative discussions, news reviews and reader feedback, the show’s UK based hosts don’t just focus on their own backyard but also cover international topics.
Grant’s Thoughts: You don’t have to be a Pom to enjoy this show, that’s for sure. If you’re interested in aviation & aerospace, this show will have plenty of great content to keep you informed & educated. I particularly like how they have a good focus on aerospace topics, occasionally dedicating an entire episode to space craft, projects and astronauts/cosmonauts. It’s well presented and the hosts know their stuff, so if you’ve not got Xtended’s feed in your podcatcher, you’re missing out :)
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