Talking Ballooning with Adam @ Go Flying Australia

Adam Knight Produces the 'Go Flying Australia' Podcast

Adam Knight Produces the ‘Go Flying Australia’ Podcast

I first met Adam from the Go Flying Australia podcast in Canberra when I was visiting for the Canberra Balloon Spectacular in March 2015. We caught up for beers at a local pub and talked about flying and also producing podcast episodes. Adam had released five episodes at that stage and was about to become a dad for the first time.

I enjoy listening to the content Adam has released and think his attention to detail & production quality is great. He is targeting his show at the Sport Aviation (RA-Aus, hang gliding, gliding, balloons, etc) and General Aviation markets as these are the areas he’s most interested in himself which helps explain what drives him to keep finding content & releasing episodes.

During our chat at Canberra we talked about what it’s like to fly hot air balloons (no surprise there, right? :) ) and Adam mentioned that he’d like to record an interview with me on that topic. As it turned out, it wasn’t until later in May that we finally got the chance to align our schedules and record a session over Skype.

We talked about what’s involved in flying a balloon, competition flying, learning to fly balloons, common rookie errors and the Australian Ballooning Federation. We also talked about the Plane Crazy Down Under show (funny that :) ) and how Steve & I started it way back in 2009 while producing content for the Airplane Geeks podcast.

You can listen to the episode on the Go Flying Australia site as well as finding it in his feed if you subscribe via iTunes or directly via his podcast’s RSS feed.

Click here to go to my episode on Adam’s Go Flying Australia podcast.

I highly recommend that you check out Adam’s Go Flying Australia podcast. It’s a well produced show with great content and should definitely be in your list if you enjoy aviation and/or aviation shows.

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