The Airline Pilot Guy Podcast: The view from his side of the cockpit door

Captain Jeff Nielsen has been producing the Airline Pilot Guy podcast for over six years, not including his early episodes that were produced as the Catholic Pilot show. In addition to releasing his show as an audio podcast, Jeff also releases his episodes as videos on YouTube, allowing his audience to watch the stream live as it’s recorded and interact via a chat room session (I think he was the first aviation show to do live feed recording with a chat session).

While the show was initially produced as a solo effort by Jeff, over recent years he’s been joined by friends who are known as The APG Crew and contribute to the fun and help provide additional points of view. The crew typically includes Doctor Steph, Miami Rick, Captain Nick (aka Old.Pilot) and First Officer Dana, most of whom are able to join in the fun on a regular basis. Other guest hosts are also included here and there including hosts from other shows, Maine Man Micha, Captain Al and many more.

Jeff produces an episode per week with each one typically lasting from one & a half to three hours which is an absolutely amazing feat. The episodes start with updates on what the hosts have been up to in the past week, discussions on recent news stories and feedback from the audience (“The most important part of the show” says Jeff :) ). The feedback can easily be the largest part of the show and even with hours per week the crew don’t get through all of it. The feedback can range from aviation related questions for the crew to answer through to trip reports and commentaries.

All up an excellent show and well worth listening to if you have time (or watching if you have even more time to not do other tasks while listening :) ). Depending on my workload I’m usually relatively up to date with episodes but some times I get behind on the show, even when listening at 1.7x normal speed :)

Show: Airline Pilot Guy
Style: News & Topics discussion, released weekly
Online at: Airline Pilot Guy Website (
Facebook page
Airline Pilot Guy (Captain Jeff) on Twitter
The APG crew’s communal feed on Twitter
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