A Pilot’s Story

The latest trailer for A Pilot’s Story is up on their site. All three trailers are there, so you should go over and check them out. The third trailer was first shown as part of the nightly entertainment at Oshkosh 2009 and it’s wonderful.

I’ve been following the development of A Pilot’s Story through a discussions, interviews and plugs on a number of aviation podcasts. Will Hawkins of the Pilot’s Flight Podlog podcast and Rico Sharqawi have teamed up to form Wilco Films, an independent film company that, amongst other projects, is producing A Pilot’s Story.

From all that I’m hearing, A Pilot’s Story will be up there with One Six Right as it goes to the heart of why we fly and the joy of first solo, all accompanied with beautiful high definition imagery.

The guys are seeking funding to help complete the movie and distribute it. There’s a donation button on the web site. Help out if you can ‘cos this is a movie that deserves to be delivered.

At the least, go and watch the trailers. The latest one is great, and not just ‘cos it’s got balloons in it :)

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