Ongoing Jetstarisation of QANTAS

According to Alan Joyce from QANTAS, the “Jetstarisation of QANTAS” is supposed to be over. Well, I have a problem with that as I continue to see evidence that, if anything, the “Jetstarisation” is increasing. I would not be surprised to find JQ branded high density A380s flying to the USA and/or Europe while QF dwindles to only a very few select routes.

Thanks to an opportunity presented by Shashank Nigam, I’ve been able to voice my concerns on his very well read Simpliflying site. This is not only getting my thoughts before a large audience, it’s also helping to promote the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, which can only be a good thing.

The article provides a background on the birth of Jetstar, its growth to date and how it is destined to consume more of QANTAS’ mainline routes & aircraft. Head on over to Simpliflying and check out the article.

Thanks to Shashank for giving me the opportunity to gain further exposure to the global aviation world and helping to promote PCDU, it’s very much appreciated :)

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