Still here, no, really :)

Almost a year since my last post – how slack can I get?

Been flat out with IT Project Management and Ballooning work (plus a few other things) and family. Scored some travel too – we went to Hawaii for a few weeks in December for a wedding. Much fun and it’s definitely resurrected my travel bug.

Last few weeks have been busy with winding down my PM contract at Destra and running the F1 Racer balloon. The Grand Prix season opens here in Melbourne in a couple of days, so we’ve been very busy trying to fly or tether the F1 Racer every day leading up to the “Big Day.”

After the Grand Prix, I’ll be spending a week working at the Avalon Airshow – hopefully between now and then I’ll get around to finishing off all the photos from the 2005 Airshow – talk about SLACK!!! :)

Keep watching this space :)

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