2007 Australian Grand Prix – Day 1

I’m working at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix with the F1 Racer hot air balloon. We’re trying to tether it so people can see it floating above the track but on the first day the winds were too high, so we just sat around and enjoyed the show.

We’re located right at the end of Turn 13, at the south-east corner of the track. If we get a chance to stand the balloon up, it’s going to look awesome! Of course, the cops in the pavilion behind us might get naffed as we’ll destroy their view of the race… :)

Aussie Racing CarsWhile we were waiting for a chance to set up the balloon, we went over to the photographer’s section of the wall behind Turn 13 and got some shots of various cars as they went around. The Aussie Racing Cars are crazy things.

Major shame the V8 racing cars aren’t here this year – the V8 Utes just don’t have the same kick :(

After a few hours, security came over and kicked us out, saying we had to stay behind a fence around our oval as only track marshalls and official photographers could be there. Bummer – so much for getting photos of cars without fence parts in the way :(

I’ve started loading photos on my site. Once again I’m finding myself more interested in the helicopters and aircraft (we’re based right next to the helipad :) but I guess that’s to be expected.

Will be interesting to see how things go on day 2 – low cloud and showers of rain is the forecast…

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