VW Car Club at the Moorabbin Air Museum

On a cold & windy morning at at the end of May, we had cancelled the day’s scheduled balloon flight in the Yarra Valley so on the way home, I figured I’d drop by Moorabbin Airport to pick up a few items from the pilot shop. I arrived about 45 minutes before the shop opened but fortunately there was some activity over at the Australian National Aviation Museum (aka Moorabbin Air Museum) where I’m a member, so I drove back over to check it out.

VW van with Bristol Freighter
It turned out to be the Volkswagon Car Club who had come to set up a concourse amongst the aircraft on static display outside the museum hangars. The museum staff had opened the fence to allow them to squeeze in and get positioned. Excellent!

There were VW beetles everywhere so I started grabbing some photos which have now been loaded into an album on my gallery. They were still bringing in vehicles as I was leaving to go back to the shop, including a great collection of Kombi vans and more modern vehicles as well.

VW Beetle quorum at the museum

Unfortunately I was pressed for time as I left so I wasn’t able to get photos of the rest of the cars that arrived. The main length of fence along Second Ave was packed with vehicles squeezed in around the aircraft. Most amusing to see :)

Regal VW car meets Vickers Viscount

Anyone for Golf?

Collection of VWs in front of a Meteor

Funky VW based buggy with Westland Wessex
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  1. Andy says:

    I was lucky enough to catch the VW clubs show at Moorabbin, as a former Kombi owner I was most impressed with the quality of the cars on show, shame about the weather though!

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