Two more light aircraft accidents :(

Two more light aircraft accidents have occurred in Australia, taking the total since Christmas Eve to 4. The first involved a light plane hitting a concrete tank then crashing. The two men on board were injured and some additional information reveals it was a Lake Buccaneer. Indications are that it was probably doing a precautionary landing in a field when it clipped the tank. Ouch…

The second accident was a crop duster crash that killed the pilot & sole occupant. No real news available on that one as yet.

Four accidents almost as many days may not seem like much to some but in Australia that’s a fairly high number. While there may be the odd accident here and there, lately there seem to have been a few (mid air at Moorabbin in August, mid air near Bankstown in December, other incidents in between, now these two and the ones around Christmas Day). I don’t have links to all the details at the moment but the number of incidents does seem to be on the rise.

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