2010-07-03 – First Lesson – Mildura – VH-BLQ (77)

This was my first instructional flight in a hot air balloon.

I was at Mildura as part of the Australian Ballooning Federation’s “The Lake 2010” event

Here’s my notes from the flight:

  • Paul’s FICOM check process
  • Cold, crisp conditions with steady light winds
  • Inflated under Paul’s guidance & did a “3 Bounce” take off:
    • Stay on the ground line
    • Inflate & get lift
    • Let it return to the ground
    • Repeat 3 times
    • Launch on peak of next lift
    • Lets you identify false lift
  • Went to about 2,000′ to check direction of winds aloft
  • Wasn’t totally comfortable at altitude (“the voice”)
  • Back down to low level again – skimming the ground was great fun
  • Stand up landing in a field
  • Got out and rode with the chase crew so Cynthia could get in & fly the second hop
  • Elation to be flying at last
  • So much to learn
  • Paul’s “count the balloons” method for keeping track of others

Click here to view my log book entry at JetRecord.com

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