Experience This! (if you dare)

As some of you may know, I’ve been pretty busy over the past couple of weeks working on a new hush-hush project. Well, the wraps finally came off the other night at a soft-launch so now I can tell you all about it.

For those of you who’ve just joined the blog, I get to spend a bit of time flying a 737-800 simulator and writing stories about it. The simulator is run by Flight Experience Melbourne and is well worth the visit if you’ve never been. Simply put, it’s one of the coolest ways the general public can experience being a commercial airliner pilot.

The owners of Flight Experience wanted to create a commercial blog to help spread the word about what they’re getting up to with the simulator, their merchandise and lots more. They were looking for someone who could set up a blog and run it for them. Someone who understood the aviation world, knew the simulator and could string together some acceptable prose.

Lucky me, eh? :)

So we sorted out the agreement, set up a space and got to work. I loaded the blog engine (WordPress, of course), hunted down a good theme (Atahualpa), came up with the design, built the header image and started loading content based on the information Carlo, Deb and the Flight Experience team provided.

The result can be found at Experience This! and it’s well worth checking out.

Certainly it’s early days but we’ve got some great plans for new content, including biographies of the Flight Experience instructors, merchandise reviews (I get to watch lots of aviation DVDs – neat! :) and lots lots more.

So head on over and check out the blog, sign up to the RSS feed and keep up with what’s new.

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