Military day at Albert Park

On the way home from the city today, we caught glimpses of the RAAF Roulettes demonstration team putting on a show over Albert Park. I was wondering if they might have been doing a practice run for the Dawn Patrol event organised by the Royal Victorian Aero Club. It didn’t seem right though as the Roulettes aren’t always there and, if they are, they often put on a quick show over Moorabbin Airport at the end of the patrol flight.

Turns out there was Military sponsored fun run event at Albert Park. They were have defence displays and activities through the day, including parachutists, helicopters, bands, tanks and even a dragon boat race. As we were arriving back home, we saw the aircraft with the jumpers but it wasn’t getting too high due to an overcast layer a few thousand feet up. A short while later the heritage trainer flight from the RAAF Museum flew over a few times. Nothing like a Winjeel, CT-4 and Wirraway to make a lot of noise.

Not sure what else was around as I had to head out again and wasn’t around to watch. It’s handy living near Albert Park as we often get to watch air shows from our balcony or roof, especially when the F1 Grand Prix comes to town :)

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