Having fun thanks to PCDU


For those of you who don’t know it, I’m co-host of the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, currently Australia’s only aviation podcast although we know of a new one that’s about to start up soon. It’s been going for almost a year and, thanks in no small amount to the efforts of my co-host Steve Visscher, it’s growing steadily and our production quality is light years ahead of where we first started.

We’ve interviewed Red Bull Air Race pilots like Matt Hall, Nigel Lamb and Hannes Arch. We’ve been to airshows & aviation events, hanging out on the flight line in the “no public areas” (wooo :) We’ve chatted with RA/GA pilots, airline pilots, analysts, air traffic controllers and enthusiasts. We’ve even scored media passes and are starting to have all sorts of opportunities open up that, with a bit of effort & luck, could turn into a great future merging aviation & technology.

It’s been a great first year (we launched our first episode in mid-July, 2009) and there’s still so much that we can be doing. I’ve got more than I can manage given I’m also trying to earn a living, but to say I’m excited about all this is an understatement. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get that media ride in a combat jet… (ya gotta have dreams :)

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