Roulettes over Albert Park


I just watched the RAAF Roulettes display from the roof of our apartment building. We’re pretty close to Albert Park where the Melbourne Grand Prix is running and, while not a perfect viewing place (damned trees) it wasn’t bad.

Now, while I’ll probably never be good enough to fly that kind of formation (although I do aspire to getting a formation endorsement one day), I do have to make some comments on the show. These guys are good and their show is well flown, but having seen the USAF Thunderbirds and the US Navy Blue Angels a few times, I did feel that something could have been done to pick up the act a tad.

It’s not a jet vs turbo-prop thing!

Yes, jets pack more punch BUT it’s also the choreography of the whole show.

With the last few Roulettes shows I’ve seen, you’re often looking around, either following them behind you as they re-group or wondering where they’ve gone. With the other teams (and many earlier Roulettes shows) there’s always something happening. The other groups use their “soloists” extensively so as the main group are reforming one or two other aircraft are doing something back in show center.

Today’s Roulette show did make use of the soloists, but not to the same degree of continuity as some of their past shows (let alone the level of the other teams). I guess I’m being over-picky, but it’s just something I’m left with after the amazement has worn off.

Meanwhile, I’m watching these guys do things I can only dream of and I’d love to get a ride with them (yes Carlo, I’m still damned jealous! :) ). Until then, all I can do is use the show as yet one more piece of fuel to power my drive towards the sky…

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